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Mint scent in Perfume - Famous note in men Fragrances - Muskat Gift Shop

What plant do you associate with the words "coolness", "freshness" and "power"?

Of course it's Mint.

Associations with its scent are also varied - mint can be peaceful, and refreshing, rebellious, and innocent. It is thanks to its aromatic properties that mint is loved by many perfumers.

Quite often mint "green" refreshing notes found in famous men fragrances. Very desirable in sultry hot weather, it is mint that can refresh on a hot day and give a feeling of a cool breeze.

In perfumery, mint creates a special aromatic accent and strengthens the sound of floral and woody notes. Mint is a frequent component of aquatic and fougere perfumery compositions.

The cold scent of mint awakens, invigorates and uplifts the mood.

What makes a great perfume? Especially perfumes that men want to buy year after year, decade after decade. Why do some perfumes stay on the top list forever, while others are known only for a season?

Mint scent in Perfume - Famous note in men Fragrances - Muskat Gift Shop

If you look at the most popular men designer perfumes for the last years, you can see Davidoff Cool Water, followed by Bleu De Channel, A*Men Kryptomint, and the more recent Versace Eros - all of which have this special cold air feel, brought by the mint.

So is mint such an important base note in fragrances? And when investigated deeply, it's mainly men who love its sweet but fresh aroma with peppery accents. When it’s used in perfume, it create something fantastic!

In fact, the best-selling male fragrances all have mint in their composition from Davidoff, Versace, Kenzo, Hugo and Chanel. These fragrances are what we call "daywear". They are volatile in scent lasting only up to 6 hours however, present a classic theme of menthol coolness and spicy sweetness on the air around the wearer.

But what are the best mint designer fragrances for men? Let's name five!

1. Davidoff Cool Water

Scent: Cool Water cologne is a versatile, manly scent that can be worn by all different types of men. It sports a classy but fresh and crisp sea-like scent to it. Aquatic and fresh notes combined torridly to add to the connection between man and ocean. It is a great combination of vitality and great sensations. Has that splash to life!

Notes: The top notes of Davidoff Cool Water are mint, seawater, and rosemary. Lavender, jasmine, neroli, and geranium are the middle notes. The base notes include oakmoss, musk, and sandalwood.

Best For: Expresses the quietness of freshness. Best worn during warm summer days that leave a trail of freshness behind the wearer. Office and formal settings really suit this fragrance but at times it could be worn on a day out to the beach itself, after all its cool water.

2. Bleu De Chanel

Scent: This is what a ‘blue’ fragrance should feel like, this isn’t as much an aquatic as it is a blue scent. Gives off a very pleasing and energetic vibe.

Notes: The top notes of Bleu De Chanel are grapefruit, lemon, mint, pink pepper, bergamot, coriander. The middle notes are melon, jasmine, ginger, and nutmeg. The base notes are Labdanum, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, and incense.

Best For: Bleu De Channel is a far deeper and darker scent that can be worn on almost any occasion, typical Chanel versatility. The wearer will feel fun, but serious. Preferably worn when going to the office or for those great get-togethers with family as it presents well for close encounters since it has an inoffensive projection.

3. Amouage Beach Hut Man

Scent: Amouage Beach Hut Man is a fantastic fragrance with a fresh and green scent. This fragrance immediately opens with a green scent, courtesy of the notes of moss, and ivy. Along with the green notes is a cold scent of mint, giving the fragrance a fresh and slightly aromatic feel. When this fragrance starts to dry down, the note of mint starts to fade away, making room for a beautiful scent of warm woods. This creates an undeniably masculine scent with a classy and luxurious feel to it.

Notes: The top notes of Amouage Beach Hut Man are galbanum, orange blossom, and mint. The middle notes are ivy, moss, and vetiver. The base notes are patchouli, myrrh, and woody notes.

Best For: Amouage Beach Hut Man is a fantastic fragrance to wear during the warmer months, where the green and aromatic scent will fit right in with the warmer temperatures. During the warmer months, this fragrance is best worn by a more mature man, as it really wouldn’t fit too well with a teenager. A mature man, however, can easily wear this fragrance casually, but it might work even better in the office or any other formal setting

4. A*Men Kryptomint

Scent: Fresh. Vibrant. Legendary. Unleash irresistible confidence with A*MEN KRYPTOMINT. This new limited edition is an icy-cool reinterpretation of the original A*MEN Eau de Toilette. The emblematic A*MEN rubber flask has been redesigned with a neon pop color energizing the senses! A burst of freshness for connoisseurs only.

Notes: Peppermint, Egyptian geranium, patchouli

Best For: Angel Kryptomint Cologne by Thierry Mugler, Some men are born to stand out and lead the charge. If you have a bold, daring attitude and want to command a room, then you’ll want to wear Angel Kryptomint. This cologne was made for the bold among us by mixing fresh energy with cool subtlety to give you a charged fragrance to wear from morning till night. At the base of this scent are notes of patchouli, vanilla and coffee followed by mid-notes of geranium. Finishing this scent and giving it its bold reputation and zest are top notes of mint and sage.

5. Versace Eros

Scent: Versace Eros is a fantastic fragrance with a sweet and minty scent. This fragrance opens with a fruity scent of green apple, supported by a fresh touch of mint. Quickly after the opening, a sweet and creamy scent of tonka bean makes itself known, giving the fragrance a rounded and almost soft feel. In the dry down, the note of vanilla starts to appear, along with a few woody notes. This leaves you with a fantastic fragrance with a sweet and creamy scent that still manages to stay fresh and inoffensive.

Notes: The top notes of Versace Eros are lemon, green apple, and mint. The middle notes are ambroxan, geranium, and tonka bean. The base notes are Atlas cedar, Virginian cedar, oakmoss, vetiver, and vanilla.

Best For: Versace Eros is a fantastic fragrance that you can actually wear all year long. It is on the sweeter side, though, so go easy on the sprays during the warmer months. Throughout the year, this fragrance is best worn in a casual setting, as it has a very playful vibe to it. This playfulness also makes it fit slightly better on younger men, who can wear this casually throughout the day or, even better, on a night out during dinner.