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6 Popular Brands in Arabian


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Arabian or Middle East perfumes are a whole world that lives by its rules. You may love them or not, but oriental brand names have long joined the modern perfumery world. To get into European, American, and Asian shops, they had to separate traditional oil blends/attars in luxurious bottles, with new and fresh scents made for worldwide customers.

Attar Collection

Attars are oil concentrates made from natural ingredients.

6 Popular Brands in Arabian Middle East Perfumery - Muskat Gift Shop- Attar Collection

A young brand from the United Arab Emirates appeared in 2015. Of course, he has an oriental tale about a family of nomads who collected incense and made fragrant compositions. And now the seventh generation of perfumers. Their Musk Kashmir especially popular.

The team of perfumers is international, in addition to the Arab masters, the fragrances for the brand are created by the Bulgarian, French, Spanish, and others.

The Attar Collection has 32 fragrances plus oil attars, some of which are included in the Selective and Crystal lines. They are almost all Europeanized and will remind you something from Montale since there were also Arabs perfumer masters.


Company founder Haji Ajmal Ali was born in India. He was a supplier of agarwood or oud - oriental perfume gold, without which half of the oriental fragrances would not exist.

In 1976, Ajmal moved to Dubai and opened a perfume shop named after himself, selling Dehn Al Oud, an oil concentrate made from aged agarwood. His sons began to develop the perfumery business.

The first fragrance, Expedition for men, was released in 2001, and since then for almost twenty years, more than 200 fragrances have been released. The Ajmal brand gained popularity because of fashion for oud notes. In addition to oud, Ajmal loves musk, and for the international market, he produces a whole series of floral and fruity fragrances.

Natural oud is prohibited on the European market, so it can only be found in products for the Eastern market. The brand is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and fragrances are created by local perfumers.

6 Popular Brands in Arabian Middle East Perfumery - Muskat Gift Shop- Ajmal Collection


This brand really wants to be Arabian, although it is pleased 99% of European noses!

The Amouage brand appeared in 1983 in Oman, when the sultan commissioned the production of perfumery gifts for world leaders visiting the country. The perfume was supposed to be luxurious and not shock the Europeans.

The first fragrances for Amouage were created by the famous French perfumer Guy Robert. They were not going to release them on a mass scale, so they did not skimp on ingredients and crystal bottles with gold. They looked completely different before entering the international market.

The first pair of fragrances was called Gold, then Ubar and Silver Cristal appeared, but at first, the perfumery came out extremely rarely and was timed to coincide with any events. In the 2000s, the policy changed and Amouage began to focus on the European market. Dia, Epic, Lyric, Ciel, Jubilation 25 came out one by one, and all of them were already on relatively wide sale.

Since the 2010s, "Amouage" has finally entered the public. The British - and the brand is controlled from England - managers were tasked with bringing the brand to the international level. The fragrances became simpler, they began to appear more often and appeared on the shelves of chain stores. There is very little Arabic in them, but they cannot be called commonplace. The perfume is created by European perfumers and bottled at a factory in Oman. By the way, only Oman and Britain have manufactured them.

6 Popular Brands in Arabian Middle East Perfumery - Muskat Gift Shop - Amouage Collection


The popular Arab brand Rasasi was founded in 1979 in Dubai. Its founder, Abdul Razzak Khalsekar, quickly developed the family company into a well-known brand with its own production. Its products are divided into two types - oriental oil fragrances and European perfumery.

Rasasi develops mainly in the Middle East - there they have branded stores, fragrance lines, and coverage in all Arab countries. The brand has a luxury segment, but mainly middle-price perfumes are sold in large quantities.

6 Popular Brands in Arabian Middle East Perfumery - Muskat Gift Shop - Rasasi Collection


The Surrati Perfumes Company is a limited liability company based in Holy City "MAKKAH" in Saudi Arabia established almost six decades ago. It is one of the leading Manufacturer & Exporters of Non-Alcoholic Perfumes, Eau de Perfumes, Flavor water, and Oudh.

6 Popular Brands in Arabian Middle East Perfumery - Muskat Gift Shop - Surrati Collection


Armaf perfume history It started out as a company manufacturing high-quality perfume bottles for designer perfume brands in the Middle East. Then, Armaf decided to take their game to the next level and started making perfumes for certain designer brands, while at the same time, laying out the foundation for their future success.

Armaf is an expression of luxury that is original, innovative, and couture. They present a collection of signature fragrances and scented luxuries for both men and women. Armaf perfume includes a selection of modern, invigorating, and inspiring scents for stylish and sophisticated men and a selection of glamorous, indulgent, and irresistible unique designer fragrances for women. Armaf provides quality, competitive pricing, and unique packaging that exudes class, style, and elegance. Armaf is imagination manifested in reality – it is about style and presentation, innovation, and excellence.

6 Popular Brands in Arabian Middle East Perfumery - Muskat Gift Shop - Armaf Collection

Al Haramain

The brand is quite old - it appeared in 1970 in Mecca, and the founder was an immigrant from Bangladesh, Kazi Abdul Haq. Like Ajmal, it all started with the supply of agarwood and oil mixtures based on it. The brand got its name in honor of the largest mosque in the world - Masjid al-Haram.

For many years, Al Haramain worked only for the eastern market, and only ten years ago began to explore international space. For this, the brand launched the production of alcoholic perfumes in laconic bottles, and also mastered the art of flankers, which are not characteristic of Arabian perfumery. Al Haramein began to explore the European, Asian and American markets with the Dehnal Oudh Mahabbah aroma, which was sharply mixed with the traditional oud. The following fragrances were already lighter, and the French joined the team of perfumers.

Now the brand has about 250 fragrances, but much has remained on the domestic market. L'Aventure Cotion, llec Junoon and Amber Oud lines have gained popularity outside the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and other eastern countries. In addition to eau de toilette, Al Haramain produces oily perfumes and attars.

6 Popular Brands in Arabian Middle East Perfumery - Muskat Gift Shop - Al Haramain Collection