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Royale Blue by Rasasi

Royale Blue by Rasasi

The enticing fragrance Rasasi Royale Blue is intended for a real man who can appreciate the depth and nobility of a complex perfume pyramid. This fragrance needs to be felt and understood as a complex character. The aroma from the first notes bewitches with its inexhaustible freshness. But not everything is so simple: freshness, intertwined with floral tenderness, flirting with musky accents, gives an incredibly effective, enviable in its durability, aroma, which cannot be found equal.

A fragrant, enveloping sillage of perfume will be with you from early morning until late at night, so remember to be moderate when applying it on yourself. Feeling certain orientalism in the sound of the perfume - do not be surprised, nowadays the French brand Rasasi comes from the UAE. Its production facilities are still located in this hot country, absorbing the vast expanses of the desert, adopting the traditions of oriental perfumers. Although for our European taste, the aroma of Rasasi Royale Blue does not sound exotic at all: it is interesting, original, and fresh.

The Top note: Bergamot, Galbanum, Melon, Marine notes​

The Heart note:  Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Violet​

The Base note: Ambergris, White cedar, Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood

Fragrance type: woody, musky, floral​
Gender: for men
Made in: UAE

Rasasi Perfumery 
Rasasi was founded in 1979. in Dubai by a famous businessman. Since then it has become a family business with numerous fragrances and a collection of western and oriental perfumes.
For Men