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Midnight oud

Fragrance World

Each man is a unique person who has his own unique character and set of qualities. To find out the full depth of the personality that is in front of you, sometimes the whole life is not enough, however, there are little secrets that can hint to others about the best sides of each of them. By what scent he chooses for himself, you can create the first, and maybe even the main impression of its essence.

Eau de Parfum Fragrance World Midnight Oud from Arab creators is luxury and nobility in one bottle. The down-to-earth, but at the same time, rather soft sound of woody notes allows anyone to feel confident and calm next to him. The heart and base of the fragrance are fragrant with notes of bergamot, sage, rose, which shimmers with many facets, among which you will feel warm smoke, and earthy fresh moss, and the astringency of resin, but the most alluring sandalwood spark will be beyond the power of sandalwood.

Top note: bergamot, copaia Balsam, sage

Heart note: Kashmir wood, rose

Final note: ambergris, oakmoss, sandalwood, tobacco, oud
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