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Bavaria Omniya Crystal

Fragrance World
Bavaria Omniya Crystal by Fragrance World

Reveal true attractiveness, show those around you all your charm and charisma ... Today you are simply irresistible and flawless, all roads are open in front of you, you are the mistress of this world! Inspire, captivate, catch thousands of admiring glances, amazed by your beauty and ease. This is exactly what the heroine of World Bavaria Omniya Crystal is in front of us!

Fragrance perfumers have selected charming woody-fresh notes that perfectly convey the delightful image of their wearer. The initial sound opens with noble shades of wood, smoothly intertwining with seductive musk. Heart accords are filled with the freshness of black currant leaves and warm tea. And at the end, a light, unobtrusive, memorable trail of guaiac wood is heard, emphasizing the sophistication of its heroine.

The Top note:
Blackcurrant leaf

The Heart note: Tea, Guaiac wood

The Base note: Tonka Bean, Sandalwood

Fragrance type: woody, fresh
Gender: for women
Made in: UAE, France

Fragrance World Perfumery
In April 2010, a new fragrance brand Fragrance World successfully entered the global perfume market - an ambitious project of French and Arab masters of fragrance, whose main goal was to produce modern, high-quality compositions available to every customer. Perfumers from both countries created the fragrance collection for Fragrance World, bringing the best of both Eastern and Western traditions to the brand's style. Popular and loved by millions of people, the brand creates excellent, elite compositions for women and men. So it is no wonder that the number of people who buy Fragrance World perfumes is growing every day.

Fragrance World perfume company devotes almost all its funding to high-quality, mostly natural raw materials, in collaborations with world-famous perfumers, rather than massive advertising to the detriment of the products themselves. As a result, Fragrance World is producing masterpieces with oriental and western motifs, yet with a classic chic and fashionable style. The paradoxical persistence of the House's perfumes, achieved by the high content of natural oils and low alcohol fractions, adds a big plus to the popularity of the brand.

The Fragrance Word fragrance collection includes several lines: fruity, business, sweet, fresh, evening, and sporty aromas.
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